Direct run (no install) version of ReportPlus

In some cases, security settings may prevent the installation of new programs without special administration rights. For your convenience here is a version of ReportPlus that does not need installing:

  • Download the 'direct run' version of ReportPlus
  • Now click on "Save", "Open", "Run" or "Yes" to any prompts, you may also have to "Allow" the opening of the file.
  • Note: We highly recommend you have someone with administration rights properly install the program at some point.

Zipped version of the Install program

Some school networks prevent the downloading of '.exe' (executable) files. For your convenience we also have the full install available contained withing a Zip file:

MSI file

Some school IT support staff prefer to use a MSI file to install ReportPlus to multiple computers simultaneously:

U3 Smart Stick version

Although ReportPlus can be installed to a standard memory stick, if you have a U3 stick then there is a special custom install program:

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