Through tutorials and our help desk we can sort out most school issues.

We offer a free unlimited support service to all users of the 2019 version of ReportPlus.

Support Hours:

9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, Sept - July

Easter dates office closed: 2nd - 7th April

Support options:

  • Call the Technical Support department on 0115 7270811.
  • Fax: 0115 7270770.
  • E-mail
  • You can use the 'Ask ReportPlus' form or you can select 'Ask ReportPlus' from the 'Help' menu within the program.
  • Built in Help - A searchable and printable detailed user manual. Click the Help icon...
  • Web Help - A searchable online version of the built-in help.

NB: We only support the current version of ReportPlus (ie The 2019 release). If you have an older version you will need to purchase an upgrade to renew your support contract.