Comment Banks

We must stress that teachers can easily add their own statements to the program, and most do this once they have started to use ReportPlus.

Teachers can import statements from other report writing packages or from any existing comment banks they may have.

Working with a panel of teachers (and Head Teachers) we have developed the following statement categories:

  • Statements of Achievement - Based on the National Curriculum attainment levels with descriptors for all curriculum subjects.
  • Skill Based Curriculum statements ordered by subject.
  • General Statements - Comments on attitude, skills and overall ability.
  • EYFS Statements - Comments for the 6 Areas of Learning and Assessment Scales.
  • The Welsh Curriculum and Foundation Phase.

In total, there are over 26,000 statements of differing lengths and styles to provide variety across each Key Stage.

Where appropriate the statements for each subject are subdivided into topic areas, e.g. Literacy statements are split into Speaking, Reading and Writing.

In addition to the main National Curriculum subjects there are also statements for:

  • General & Head Teachers Comments.
  • Targets for Next Year.
  • SEN (P Scales) and SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning).
  • Specialist subject areas - such as MFL, Welsh Language.