Its very easy to make changes and design your ideal report layout.

When you order ReportPlus we will help with any initial layout changes as part of the setting up process. Just send examples of how you would like your reports to look.

Some example layouts of the reports for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 can be seen on our demonstration.

Typical requests for change might be :

  • Adding a school logo to the front cover
  • Adding a new subject or box - e.g. MFL or a box for Pupil Comments
  • Renaming a subject
  • Joining subjects together, e.g. join Art, DT and Music together and call it Creative Studies
  • Re-ordering the subject boxes
  • Adding a grid box
  • Changing font style/size
  • Replacing front cover with a header style report (see below for this and other style examples)
  • Adding fields to front cover for, Year Group, Class, Additional Teachers, Date of Birth.
  • Add/removing fields in Attendance box
  • Putting 'Acknowledgement Return Slip' on a separate page
  • Removing borders around pages/subject boxes

nb It is also possible to make any of the above changes at any time in the future.