Writing reports

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In this section you will see help on how to use the specialist tools and facilities within ReportPlus to help you write reports more quickly and efficiently.



Even if you're a traditional style teacher and don't want to use statement banks and all the other facilities within ReportPlus for writing your reports; it still has major advantages over a standard word processor...


No slow down: ReportPlus will handle hundreds of reports simultaneously with no visible slow down (during testing we tried over 1,000 simultaneous reports!) - try make that claim using a regular word processor.

Consistency: Because ReportPlus is designed to handle many report documents simultaneously it 'knows' to keep style changes between reports constant - font changes, custom colours, front and back pages, subject titles, etc change for all the reports simultaneously.

Smarter functions: Unlike a standard word processor, ReportPlus has a smart undo/redo system if you type in one subject, start typing in another subject, then go back to the first it will 'know' that you want to undo from the first, not the second.  The copy and paste system in ReportPlus is 'smart' - so smart that we call it 'PasteAI' (paste artificial intelligence) - unlike a normal word processor's copy and paste, it 'tracks' gender specific pronouns in your text.  Just copy and paste text to another pupil and it will convert the words from one gender to another automatically.




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