Entering a voucher code

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Individual licence users and some schools will receive a 'voucher code' that can be used to create a licence/user-name on our server.  A voucher code is a long sequence of letters and numbers separated by dashes.  Each voucher code is unique and can only be used once.


If you have been given a licence name/user-name then you should really be reading 'Entering your licence name' rather than this section.



You can get to the voucher entry window by clicking the Help icon and selecting 'Enter voucher code'.



At the voucher entry window you should enter your desired licence name and enter a password (twice).  The password entries need to be identical.


Very important: Do not forget your licence name and password - support cannot recover it as we use a one-way non-reversible security system.



As you enter your voucher code, notice that it is coloured red.  This is to let the user know that it currently is not a correct code.



When the code is entered correctly then it will turn green, the submit button will become enabled and you should click it.  If the licence is green and the submit button stays greyed out then check that the two password entries are identical.



If you enter a licence name that is already in use or the password is not very secure then the system will fail.  Just re-enter a different licence name and/or password.


As mentioned previously, it is very important that you remember your licence name and password.  Support will not be able to let you know them if you forget.



If all goes OK then you will be automatically validated with the licence name.


Important: Once you have used a voucher code do not try to use it again as this will be logged on our servers as a possible 'hack attack'.

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