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ReportPlus will notify you if there is an update available - if you see the update icon then a program update is available.


If the icon is flashing then it means it has been some time since you last updated or there is an update available after a fresh install.  In this case you will also be prompted to update when you exit ReportPlus.


If you click the icon then it will start the update procedure.  You will first be asked if you actually want to update, normally you would click 'yes'.



You may then see a mini-help display showing what to click if you see a UAC warning window.  You can disable this from being show by ticking 'Don't show this again'.



On some computers you may then see the actual UAC warning window, click 'yes' !



The update will download, this could take a few minutes but is usually much quicker.



Once the download is complete you will get a message, click 'OK'.  The update system will now start, it is similar to the Install system but the user doesn't usually have to click at prompts or decide any options.


Note: If update fails then you can download the Install program from our website and run it - this does exactly the same as the update procedure.
We recommend you always try to use the latest program update.

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