Teacher quick-start (New school)

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If you are installing for the first time then follow these instructions.


1.If someone has already installed ReportPlus for you then you can skip steps 2..8


2.Go to http://ReportPlus.co.uk and click 'Download'.

3.Click 'Download ReportPlus' and follow the prompts to install.  If you have difficulty downloading and have received a CD then insert the CD and use the CD's menu system to install.  A message will confirm when you have successfully installed/upgraded.  If there are any problems then make sure you have sufficient right to install on your computer.

4.ReportPlus will normally start once installed, if not then click on the ReportPlus icon normally found on your desktop.
More detailed information (with pictures) about steps 1..3 can be found in the Installing section.

5.Once ReportPlus has finished loading you may be presented with a menu that will allow you to validate your licence or use ReportPlus in demonstration mode.  Click the option to validate your licence.

6.You should have been provided your school's 'Licence name', your unique 'username' and 'password' - you need these to validate. Type in your Licence name and click 'Search', choose the name from the dropdown list of users that is the same as your 'username''.   Enter the your password (case sensitive).  Click 'Validate'.
More detailed information (with pictures) about steps 4..5 can be found in the Entering your licence name section.

7.In most cases someone will have previously prepared a school layout and will have entered your pupils for you, if so then you can now import the settings from ReportServer or a file (usually ReportPlus will prompt you if it detects settings available for your school on ReportServer).

8.Once settings have been imported, ReportPlus will close.

9.Start ReportPlus.

10.Click the 'File' menu, select 'New set of reports' (a new set of reports will not affect your school layout).  If asked then say 'Yes' to clearing the current set (they should be demonstration pupils) and 'Yes' to using the 'Default set' (if found).

11.Click the 'Pupil' icon.  In most cases you will see the all pupils at your school.  If so click the 'Teachers' menu and select 'Show pupils belonging to...', then pick your name.   After doing this, the pupil list should just show your pupils.

12.Click the Save icon, select 'Save your reports'.  If prompted to pick a report file name then just click 'Save' and the default name of 'Reports' will be used.

13.You are now ready to start writing your reports.

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