Starting from Memory stick

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Normally when you insert a memory stick into a computer you will be presented with a pop-up window that asks you what to do next.



Click 'Open folder to view files'.  Notice that the memory stick shown in the picture has 'PortableApps' installed, more about this later...

Note: If the pop-up window doesn't appear, don't panic!  Click the 'Start' menu, then select my 'MyComputer'.  Find your memory stick then double-click it.



When the memory stick has opened double-click 'Start ReportPlus'.  ReportPlus will now start like normal.


If you have PortableApps installed then you could double-click 'StartPortableApps' instead if you like.



ReportPlus also integrates with the PortableApps system for memory sticks.  The advantage of having PortableApps on your memory stick is that on some computers it can be made to auto-start for a plug and play system that is very similar to U3.

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