Single user quick-start

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If you are installing as a single user then follow these instructions.


1.Go to and click 'Download'.

2.Click 'Download ReportPlus' and follow the prompts to install.  A message will confirm when you have successfully installed.  If there are any problems then make sure you have sufficient right to install on your computer.

3.ReportPlus will normally start once installed, if not then click on the ReportPlus icon normally found on your desktop.
More detailed information (with pictures) about steps 1..3 can be found in the Installing section.

4.Once ReportPlus has finished loading you may be presented with a menu, click 'Demonstration', then click the 'Help' icon and select 'Enter voucher code'.

5.Choose a licence/username, a password and enter your voucher code. A valid voucher code will turn green, click 'submit'.
More detailed information (with pictures) about this step can be found in the Entering your voucher code section.

6.Enter your school name and add our school logo by clicking the 'Options' icon and selecting 'School', the school logo can be a jpg, png or bmp format image.

7.Click the 'Options' icon, select 'Subjects' and re-arrange, rename, combine and delete subjects into the correct order for each keystage/profile.  A tick on the left of a subject switches it on or off, clicking the green boxes on/off will enable/disable the subject for eache keystage/profile.

8.If you need to, set subject warning and maximum character limits, heights, default grades and grade options by right-clicking a subject name and selecting the relevant item.

9.Customise the design for the front page using the 'Customise Design' section of Options.  You can choose from existing designs by using the pull-down next to each mini page view.  To customise one of the pages, click the edit to the right of the page.  Once in the designer, right-click existing objects to edit their options, left-click an empty area of the screen to add another object.

10.Before you enter your pupils into ReportPlus you should delete our demonstration pupils.  Click the 'File' menu, select 'New set of reports', click 'Yes' to clearing the current set, and if asked, 'No' to using the 'default set'.

11.To enter pupil (and teacher) details automatically we recommend you use a CSV file, in the 'Tutorials' section you can find out how to create a CSV file.  Ideally your CSV file will at least have UPN, forename, surname, gender, dob, year and form columns.  Once you have created a CSV file, click the Wizards icon, select the Pupil wizard.  Once the pupil wizard has started click the CSV button at the top of the screen and find your CSV file.

12.You should now save by clicking the 'Save' icon and selecting 'Save your reports'.  The default name of 'reports.rp' should be ok, so if prompted just click 'Save'.

13.Double check all your settings by doing a print preview.  If all looks ok then you can start writing reports.


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