Set subject height

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Subject 'box' heights in printouts are usually set by the amount of text written in that subject, they automatically grow or shrink accordingly.  However, you can fix the height of subject to a specific value.


Right-click a subject, a pop-up menu will appear, click 'Set subject height'.



Enter a value in mm, zero ( '0' ) will turn on automatic heights (the default).   Click 'OK' when you have entered the value.


Note: The value is approximate and may vary from printer to printer.  It does tend to be constant on the same brand/model of printer though.



You will get a warning that text may be clipped, this means that if you set a box height and you write too much then any text that won't fit in the box will be cut short.  To prevent this do regular print previews, you could also use the character warning limits to help indicate when you are typing too much.


Note: When setting subject heights for subjects that contain subheadings, the subheadings are contained in the main subject height - they do not have their own height setting, so make sure that the main subject has enough height to also contain the subheadings and their report text.



In this example, Literacy has been set to 50mm, Numeracy and Science each set to 30mm, all other subjects set to 'Auto'.  Notice how Numeracy's text has been cut short because too much was typed.


Important: Because trying to get the height of the last subject on a page correct (to the mm) is very difficult, if you make it too high to fit on the page then the height will be clipped to the page margin - it will not go into the margin.

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