Set grade options

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Note: Currently setting the grade options with custom values is quite complicated, we plan to make it much easier for ReportPlus v2012.


If you need custom grade options then right-click a subject, a menu will appear, click "Set grade options".



The default text in the box in full says:


Effort=A,B,C,D,E,Excellent,Good,Satisfactory,Could work harder:Attainment=1,2,3,4,5,Well above expectations,Above expectations,In line with expectations,Below expectations


How this text works:


The grade menu titles themselves end with an equals sign ( '=' ).

The different grade menus are separated by a colon ( ':' ).

Within the menus the different options are separated by commas ( ',' ).


Note: If you enter just an asterisk ( '*' ) then the default setting will be entered.


Once you have finished editing the text, click 'OK'.



You will get a confirmation that the grades have been set, click 'OK'.


Note: A quick and easy way to enter a default set of grades for all subjects is to use the 'Default grades' button.


For more information on grades, see the grades section.


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