Putting associated text in a title

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If you want some associated text in a subject title (so each pupils subject titles are customised), for example "[forename]'s English" would make something like "Ruby's English" then you can do by following these simple instructions:



From within the options window, click the 'Subjects' icon.



Right-click the subject you want the associated text to be in the title of, a menu will appear, select "Set virtual name".



Enter the new name with the associated text.  Then click 'OK'.



Notice that the name has changed in the virtual name section of the subject list.  Exit the "Options".



In the program, notice that the pull-down subject list (above the statement tree) shows you the new virtual name with associated text.



Also notice that in the editor you also see the new name with associated text.



But, in printouts the associated text is replaced by the pupils actual data.


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