Pupil Wizard

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The Pupil Wizard can be used to import or type in pupil details, link teachers to pupils, delete pupils, and more...


The are a number of ways to enter the Pupil Wizard, the easiest way is just to select it.



Go to the Wizards icon and choose 'Pupils'.



The pupil wizard opens into a large spreadsheet-like grid.  The top row of the grid are column titles, along the left hand side column are some tick-boxes (A).  Above the top of the grid are some large import buttons and below the bottom of the grid there some smaller buttons and a pull-down menu (B).


Most users would just use the Pupil Wizard to initially import pupils from a file (such as a CSV file).  To do this they would click the appropriate button from the top of the window (E.G. CSV file), then follow the on screen prompts to complete the import.  You can use the pupil wizard to import several files without ever leaving the wizard, most changes are only made when you leave the wizard (except automatically adding teachers).


There is a utility menu (B) that can be used to perform operations on any pupil that has been ticked, Click 'Go' to perform the operation.










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