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Preview mode allows you to see a merged view of all reports that have been uploaded to ReportServer.  Preview mode has to be enabled by your licence administrator for your user account or you cannot use preview mode.  Preview mode allows Head teachers to start writing their reports before other teachers have finished writing theirs.



To start preview mode, just click the preview mode icon above the editor.  The first time you do this, all the reports that have been uploaded to our server will start to download...



After all the reports on ReportServer for your school have been downloaded, a merged 'read-only' view of the reports will appear above the normal view.  Each view can be scrolled independently. Notice that after each subject, preview mode lets you know which user typed that section of text.


Note: To remove the preview mode view, just click the preview mode icon again.  You can quickly toggle the preview mode on and off via the icon.


Refreshing preview mode:



To refresh the preview mode view, just click the pull-down next to the preview mode icon.  A menu will appear, click 'Refresh preview from Server data'.


Missing pupils:


If a teacher has added a pupil manually then they may not be in your pupil list, in preview mode this is what is called a 'missing pupil'.


Any pupils that are in the preview mode but not in your pupil list will be available to view from the Preview mode's 'Missing pupil(s)' menu item.



This allows you to view pupils that teachers created but have not been set-up on your computer.



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