User interface

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You can change some personal settings that can slightly customise usage of ReportPlus.



From within the options window, click the 'User interface' icon.



The user interface window is split up into sections...




Normally the icons are auto-sized to the screen, but if you like you can change the icon size for the main toolbar and other toolbars here.  If you have room on your screen for more icons, you can enable some extra icons in this section (you may find the extra help icons useful).


Subject editor:


You can make end of line and white spaces visible in the editor, this can make it easier for positioning text.  You can also make ReportPlus try to use the Segoe font as the main font when using the editor (this is the standard font used in some modern Microsoft applications).


Pupil list:


Double-clicking a pupil in the pupil list will bring up the pupil edit window, if you find this annoying you can turn it off in this section.  You can also set the default sort order of the pupils in the list.


Print preview:


Normally the print preview displays a whole page at once, if you have a small screen you may like to change this to "fit to width" or some other size.  If your computer is slow at displaying a print preview you may like to set the preview quality to low.




You can enable/disable the UAC warning when upgrading, disable high quality fonts, change the English Dialect, etc using the miscellaneous section settings.

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