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You can change the school details such as name, address, logo, head teacher, etc from within the 'School' section of options.



From within the options window, click the 'School' icon.



Most of the settings such as School name and address are obvious, here is some information on the not so obvious settings:




This can only be set once teachers have been added.  Once you have added some teachers they will be available in the drop down list.


Days / sessions:


You should set this to the normal number of days that your reports cover (for attendance), normally this would be the number of school days in one year.  If your school uses sessions instead of days then tick the sessions tick-box.


Change school logo:


Clicking this will allow you to add your school logo.  Do not worry if the aspect ratio is incorrect, this can be fixed using the page designer.


External proxy 1 and external proxy 2:


You can type in the URL of the proxy server that your school uses for FTP here.  We have supplied some common ones available via the drop down list.  If you do not know what this is then either leave these blank("Not applicable") or consult your network administrator.  Normally your should not have to alter these settings.


Title translator:


Used to automatically translate subject and subheading text to another language (such as Welsh).  Unless your school is a Welsh school you should leave this set to "None (English)".

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