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You can change the way ReportPlus communicates with ReportServer.



From within the options window, click the 'ReportServer' icon.



There are three protocols...




This uses Internet Explorer proxy settings (if they have been set).  If you can validate your account then this protocol should work for communicating with ReportServer.  In some cases you might find that your Local Authority blocks the 'binary' transport, so if you have problems transferring files then change it from 'Binary' to 'Base64'.  This is the default mode to use, but is slightly slower than either FTP mode.


FTP (via OS):


This uses the proxy settings from Internet Explorer to find a connection to the Internet.  Passive mode should be used unless you have communication problems.  You can select which of the two proxy servers that may have been set up in the school settings.  This is the best mode to use if it works.


FTP (Direct):


This is the same as FTP (via OS) except it does not use the operating system to communicate, instead it takes a more direct route.  Passive mode can be turned off if there are communication problems.


Tip: The easiest way to set-up the ReportServer options is to use the wizard.  If it the wizard sets it to FTP and you have problems then change the protocol manually to HTTP using these options.


Note: Both FTP systems are faster than HTTP, with HTTP using 'binary' transport being faster than 'base64' transport.

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