Included languages

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You can alter the way existing languages work or create a new language



From within the options window, click the 'Included languages' icon.



As with subjects, you can tick a subject to enable it - it's title will be written in black, un-tick a subject to completely disable it - it's title will be written in red.  At the top of the languages list you will see the profile names (EYFS, KS1, KS2, etc). Under the profile names there are lots of coloured 'boxes', click a box to toggle it between green (on) and grey (off).  With this control you can enable/disable a language for each of the profiles.



Languages appear in the reports in the order position of the 'Languages' subject in the 'subjects' options.  You can also use this to turn on/off all languages.


To create a new language, just click 'Add'.



Enter the name of the language, this is the text that appears as the language title in a report, then click 'OK'.



Enter the normal name for the language, then click 'OK'.



Enter the country that uses the language, then click 'OK'.



The language will now be added to the bottom of the list.  The next time you use ReportPlus it will be sorted into alphabetical position.



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