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You can change various configuration options for ReportPlus by entering 'Options'.  Options can be used to dramatically change the operation of the program and the 'look' of your reports.



To enter options, click the options icon.



The main options window shows icons representing the different aspects of ReportPlus that you can configure.  Click an icon to enter that section.


Generally when you click 'OK' or 'Apply' the configuration options that you have changed will get committed to memory, exiting the program will save them.  Usually by clicking 'Cancel' you can leave options without committing the changes to memory.


Important information:

Some configuration options are changed immediately (you cannot click cancel), generally you will be warned about these options before proceeding. Generally there is no undo for these options.

Under some circumstances options will be saved before you exit the program, such as uploading school settings to ReportServer.  Do not rely on options not being saved before you exit.

Some options are personal to the user, some are considered general school-wide options.  Usually this is obvious from the type of option.

Advanced options can be 'dangerous', be very careful with advanced options.

OK and Apply do the same operation, the difference is that 'OK' will exit the options window.  You do not need to Apply before OK.






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