Access and encryption

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You can make ReportPlus ask for an access password when it is started and turn on encryption for the actual report files.



From within the options window, click the 'Access and Encryption' icon.


Turning on the access lock:



To turn on the access password, click the 'Lock access' option and select 'Licence'.



The next time you start ReportPlus you will be shown the access lock window.  You should enter your schools licence name to proceed (upper or lower case, it does not matter).  When the licence name has been entered correctly the 'dots' will turn green and you can click 'OK' to continue loading ReportPlus.


The AES encryption cipher:



ReportPlus allows files to be encrypted using AES encryption.  AES is an industry class cipher algorithm; it is a good balance between speed and security and can meet all Local Authority requirements.

Important: Encrypted reports cannot be recovered if damaged - use reliable media - keep backups.


Turning on encryption:



To turn on encryption, click the 'AES cipher' option and select 'On'.  With the AES cipher turned on, any future reports and backups will encrypted, even if sent over the Internet.




The options allow the user to vary the strength of the encryption cipher.  Although the default options should be sufficient for most users, here is a brief description of their use:


Encoding: The encoding option can be used to switch between CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) and ECB (Electronic codebook) forms of encoding.  CBC is the stronger of the two encoding methods.


Block size: The block size can be used to change the number of ‘bits’ used as the encryption ‘key’.  You can choose from 128, 192 or 256 bits – the higher the number, the stronger the encryption.


Do I have to remember or enter any passwords?


As long as you are validated using the same licence name as the person who originally saved the encrypted reports, then no.



If the licence you are using is not the same as the one that originally saved the reports then you will be given the chance to enter the correct licence name when the reports are loaded.


What if I try to load encrypted reports files into an old version of ReportPlus?


To load encrypted reports, you must have ReportPlus v2011 r5.2.00 or above.



If you are using an earlier version then you will get a file not recognised error. You should update to the latest version of ReportPlus.

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