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Multimode is similar to Group writer in that it allows you to enter report text into multiple pupils simultaneously.



To use Multimode, select a pupil, then press and hold the CTRL key whilst selecting another pupil (and so on).  The second pupil will be highlighted too.



There is a red indicator in the editor status line to let you know you are now in Multimode.  If you double-click on a statement then it will be copied into the first pupils report.



The statement will also be copied into the other pupil(s) report(s).


Note: You can select a range of pupils by pressing the SHIFT key instead of CTRL. To leave Multimode just select a pupil without CTRL being pressed.


Multimode vs. Group writer:


Multimode has an advantage over Group writer in that it is a much faster way to enter text into multiple reports, the disadvantage is that manual editing only applies to the main selected pupil.

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