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Most users will be installing from the Internet, some will install using a CD...



First visit our website by typing '' into Internet Explorer's address bar.



When the website appears, click 'Download' from the menu on the left.



Click the ReportPlus install icon or click the text 'Download full version'.  For U3 instructions see the U3 install instructions.



You may get a security warning.  Just click 'Run'.



The install program will now download, it may take some time.



Once downloaded, you may be asked if you want to allow the program to make changes, click 'Yes'.  Notice that the publisher is verified, if you get a message saying that the publisher isn't verified then please download the program again and retry.



You should see a welcome message and the version of the program that is about to install.  Click 'Next'.



Read the licence agreement, then (if you agree) select 'I have read, fully understood and accept the above agreement'.  After doing this, click 'Next''.



You can now pick the type of install.  Most people will click 'Desktop computer' but you may want a different type of install.  For help in deciding, click the 'Click here for technical help...' button.



If you select 'Desktop computer' or 'Laptop or net-book', ReportPlus will now install files to your hard drive.  Once completed you can click 'Done'.



Normally the program will automatically start after being installed, if not then locate the ReportPlus icon on your Desktop and double-click it to start the program.

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