Group writer

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Group writer is similar to Multimode in that it allows you to enter report text into multiple pupils simultaneously.  The editor window will show the subject you were editing before you entered Group writer.



Click the 'Group' icon to enter the Group writer view, the default group writer mode is 'Individual mode'...



You can double-click on statements in the statement tree or type text manually.  The 'Add to start', 'Replace all' and 'Add to end' buttons will move the text into the pupils reports that are currently in the 'Selected' area.  It is important that you write in the correct gender perspective because the program will convert gender specific pronouns to control words - if you type in the wrong gender perspective then when your text is copied into the pupil report it will be in the wrong gender.


A.The gender perspective the user should write in:
The circled area shows you the gender perspective you should write your report in.
Note: To change the gender perspective, just single-click a pupil that has the gender you want to write in.

B.Add a pupil to the selected list:
If you double-click any of the pupils in the 'Available pupils' area then they will be moved into the 'Selected' area.

C.Remove a pupil from the selected list:
If you double-click any of the pupils in the 'Selected' area then they will be moved into the 'Available pupils' area.


Leave group writer mode.


Group writer's second mode is 'Group mode'...




E.Add the text to favourites:
First select the text then click the 'Add to favourites' button to copy it to your favourites.


F.Create/Remove a group:
Click the icons to create new groups or remove existing groups.


G.Add a pupil to a group:
Double click a pupil to add them to the current group.

H.Remove a pupil from a group:
Double click a pupil to remove them from the current group.


Group writer vs. Multimode:


Group writer has an advantage over Multimode in that manual editing applies to all the selected pupils, the disadvantage is that it is a much slower way of entering text into multiple pupils reports.


Important: To exit Group writer, click the 'Exit' button, do not click the quit button unless you want to exit ReportPlus itself!

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