Combine subjects to make a new subject

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Use 'combine' to create a new subject that consists of two or more of the other subjects.



First, select two or more subjects and the 'Rename' button will change in to 'Combine'.



Click 'Combine' and enter the new subject's name.



Sometimes when combining subjects you will find they have some of the same folder names, by clicking 'Yes' to this prompt the first three letters of the original subject will be in brackets at the end of the folder mode headings.  We recommend you click 'Yes'...



Normally the subject name is tracked (like the gender pronouns), if the new name is a complex long name then you may want to remove subject tracking otherwise some statements might look unusually complex.



After the combine is complete notice that the new subject is enabled and the original subjects are disabled.



In the statement tree the folder names show the first three letters of the original subject in brackets (if you click 'Yes' to this when combining the subjects as recommended).

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