Main program sections

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In classic view, ReportPlus is divided into 4 main sections and a toolbar:


A.Main toolbar
You use the toolbar to perform the most frequent function or access major sections of the program.

B.The pupil list
This holds the names of the pupils, clicking a pupil's name will show their report.

C.The main editor
You can edit the actual text contained within a report using the text editor.  The editor is designed to be able to handle hundreds of simultaneous documents whilst still operating at reasonable speed.

D.The statement tree
By double-clicking statements in the statement tree you can make them appear in the editor (C).

You can add your own or favourite statements to the favourites area, once there you can double-click them and they will appear in the editor (C).

Other views (Split screen, Multi and Full) will have one or more of the above sections visible, usually showing the user much more of any one section.

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