Attendance editor

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You can manually enter attendance information using the attendance editor.

Use the attendance editor like a spreadsheet, you can fill in Attended, Max no days/sessions, Unauthorised and Late.


You can also set the punctuality comment by either using the dropdown menu (A) or typing a new comment in the space provided.  New comments will be added to the dropdown menu for future use.
You can set the system to sessions or days in the School section of Options.
Note: If you have attendance information available in a CSV file then you can import it using the Pupil Wizard.  If you import via CSV then make sure to add the fields: Sessions or Possible, Attended, UnAuthorised and Late.  No need to include Authorised as this data will be calculated by ReportPlus.

Overwrite subject text with a template/data:
If you have the attendance, signed or acknowledgement slip as a subject in the report then you can copy a template text with the attendance (and other) data to every listed pupils report quickly and easily...
Select the radio button for the relevant 'subject' (B).  Edit the template text (C).  Save and overwrite the subject text (D).


Set Value:


If you select a multiple rows of data (select the first column/row then whilst you mouse button is pressed move to another row) then you can set the whole of the selected amount to a particular value by clicking the 'Set Value' button.


Backup and Restore:
If you type in or import a CSV file then it's a good idea to click the 'Backup' button, this way if you accidentally change the data you can 'Restore' it rather than have to type or import again.



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