Alternative network mode

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With alternative network mode you can have one installation of ReportPlus shared between the users on your network.




Important: Only use alternative network install on your desktop computers, do not use it for laptops because when they leave the network ReportPlus and the reports will not be available (they will still be on the network ! ).  When installing on laptops use the special laptop install option.



You can activate this special mode by creating a 'Teachers' folder within the ReportPlus program folder.  There is an option in the Installation program 'Custom install' options to do this for you.  The users should have complete rights to use the Teachers folder, they should also be able to create subfolders. You should make a short-cut link to the 'ReportPlus.exe' program for all of your users.



When the user double-clicks this link, ReportPlus will start in Alternative network mode. It will create a subfolder within the 'Teachers' folder that is named after that users current Windows login name.  The users reports and settings will be stored within this folder instead of the usual 'Documents/ReportPlus' folder.


Note: The user-name in the teachers folder is not related to any ReportPlus user-names, teacher names or settings - it is the users windows user-name.


Fast way to copy settings to all Alternative network mode users:



In Alternative network mode you will see an extra 'Update settings' button in the Administration window.  Click this button to copy the settings in your folder to all the other users folders within the teachers folder.  In the future, if a new user is added to the school network you should click 'Update settings' again.


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