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If your school used ReportPlus last year and are upgrading from a previous install then follow these same instructions.  Installing/upgrading does not overwrite any report files or settings.


1.If, when you start ReportPlus, you see the Update icon - click it.  Follow the update instructions and you will be updated to the latest version.  If there are any problems then make sure you have sufficient right to install programs on your computer.

2.ReportPlus will normally start once updated, if not then click on the ReportPlus icon normally found on your desktop.

3.Once ReportPlus has finished loading then you can archive the reports on your computer from last year.  Click the Options icon and select 'Archive', use the archive window to create a backup of all last years settings and reports.

4.You can also make a backup of the currently loaded reports to the 'Past reports' system.  Click the Save icon and select 'Backup reports to Past Reports'.  Choose an appropriate name for the report and click ok.

5.Now you need to delete the existing pupils (and teachers) so you can import or enter this years pupils.  Click the Teachers menu at the top of the screen, select 'Delete ALL teachers'.  Once you have deleted the teachers, click the File menu and select 'New set of reports'.  Click 'Yes' to clearing the existing pupils and 'No' to using the 'default set' of pupils (if one is found).

6.To enter pupil (and teacher) details automatically we recommend you use a CSV file, in the 'Tutorials' section you can find out how to create a CSV file.  Ideally your CSV file will at least have UPN, forename, surname, gender, dob, year, form, teacher and possibly jobshare columns.  Once you have created a CSV file, click the Wizards icon, select the Pupil wizard.  Once the pupil wizard has started click the CSV button at the top of the screen and find your CSV file.  Once you have left the wizard then you can select different teachers (if you have a teachers column in the CSV file) to see just their pupils.

7.If you have had any staff changes since last year you may have to add or delete users from ReportPlus.  To do this, click the Admin icon and click the appropriate button.  We recommend you delete any users (or at least change their password) who have left your school to prevent them from using the program without your permission.
The Administrator section shows you how to create a username and delete a username in more detail (with pictures).

8.Double check all your settings by doing a print preview.  If all looks ok then you can upload the settings to ReportServer for distribution to other teachers.  To upload the settings, click the Admin icon then press the 'Upload settings' button.  You will see a few warnings about overwriting settings on our server, don't panic - just click ok to the messages to continue.  If there is an error uploading then it could be that there is some kind of 'filter' or 'firewall' on your Internet connection, exit Admin then click the Options icon, select 'ReportServer' and change 'Protocol' to 'HTTP', leave the options and try to upload settings again.  Alternatively you can export the settings as a file or to a memory stick.

9.We recommend that you print off the Teacher quick-start guide for each member of staff who uses ReportPlus.  The guide shows them a brief outline on how to get started.  Let them know they can press the Help icon from within ReportPlus to get comprehensive online help.  You could also write the school licence name, their username and the (case sensitive) password on the guide for them if you like. Important: Do not give them your Admin password.

10.Important: All teachers must be using the latest version of the program BEFORE importing your settings.


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