Some of the more popular features of ReportPlus are :-

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Once tailored, teachers simply download the program directly to their PC. (nb they do not need internet access to write their reports)
Import pupil and teacher details from virtually any school management system.
An intelligent paste function that allows teachers to cut and paste between reports without creating gender and name mistakes.
Easy addition and editing of a teachers own statements.
Choose statements to be favourites, these will then appear in their own 'tree' for ease of reference.
Facility to add comments to groups of similar ability pupils to a class as a whole.
Save work to a USB Memory Stick, floppy disk, folder or secure internet site, allowing easy transfer of work between home and school PCs.
Teachers can install the whole program on any standard memory stick and then work without installing the progam on any other PC.
'As you type' checking and correction.
Save individual pupil reports as PDF documents allowing you to e-mail to parents or post online for parents to view.
Scan and import Head and Teacher signatures.
EAL statements included alongside English.
Statements available for all relevant subjects.
View at a glance the status of of each report.
Set the amount of text teachers can write by fixing a character warning limits for each subject (optional).
Save finished reports as Word documents for archiving, e-mailing to parents or to change the report layout.
Check completed report for gender inconsistencies, i.e. the word 'his'' appearing in a girl's report.
Reports can be printed in various sizes and formats.