Frequently Asked Questions

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A. ReportPlus is not an online program - it actually runs on your PC and can optionally save to your school server.

We choose to provide you with a server based system for three main reasons:

  • We can offer much greater functionality, and a faster program.
  • You do not have to rely on your broadband connection (which always seems to fail at crucial times)
  • Your data remains safely on school equipment and can be backed up to a teacher's PC and the school server.

Online services are NOT safe from hacking.

A. In our experience, because ReportPlus is so simple and intuitive, teachers generally find it very easy to use. Setup is minimal, and ReportPlus will import settings and saved statements from most popular report writers.

A. Training will probably require only one brief session, we have included a series of short tutorials for teachers to work through follow .

A. There are two ways you can do this . Either purchase a licence for a limited number of users (minimum 4) or purchase a single user licence.

A. Reports can be instantly edited on screen. All of the usual editing functions are possible: delete, undo and redo, bold, underline, italic ...etc are available on screen. Quality control is instant with spell checking and pronoun tracking facilities.

A. Yes. There is a set of general comments for head teachers, and it is simple for Heads to add their own preferred comments.

A. Yes, we are keen to point out that ReportPlus is a very powerful word processing tool in its own right. You can create a blank titled box (or boxes) for handwritten comments.

A. ReportPlus presents teachers with a variety of different ideas for statement content therefore increasing the diversity of reporting. Teachers may also add statements to the bank over time, thereby developing their own personal set of comments.

A. Schools using ReportPlus say that most parents either make no comment or actually remark on the improved presentation. We have had no feedback which suggests that reports are considered impersonal or computer generated.

A. ReportPlus allows you to work on a school network and teachers can transfer work between school and home computers.

A. No ReportPlus runs on any Windows PC with the most recent (free) service pack. It will also run on Apple Macs which have a PC emulator program.

A. Not really. It is true that there are considerable time saving advantages, but teachers say the real benefits are that it is a less stressful approach allowing them to focus fully on report content.

A. There are separate formats for: - EYFS, KS1 and KS2 with a set of statements to support each section.

A. No. There are pre-set layouts for EYFS, KS1 and KS2. However, if you wish the layout to be customised we will do this for no extra charge if requested when ordering. Otherwise you may do this in school, it is a very easy process.

A. Yes. Many teachers write all of their Literacy sections, for example, before finishing off each individual report. There is a Pupil Manager facility to track the progress of each report.

A. ReportPlus can only add the name of the child whose report is being compiled and it also uses "PasteAI" technology which automatically chooses and tracks the correct gender for each statement.

A. Yes. It is easy to make RE the first subject and we have added a set of RC statements based on the "Here I Am" guidelines.

A. An administrator can make the changes required then upload the new settings to our system, then each teacher can download the customised settings directly to their PC.

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