Download problems?

If you have a problem downloading the Install program then click here then click "Save" rather than "Run" (note down where the file will be saved to). Once downloading is complete, double-click the resulting "InstallPlus" program. The ReportPlus install program will then start.

Important: If any Windows or Security messages appear, click "Yes", "Allow", "Ok", etc...

Check to make sure the version number is V2019 r4.7.89 when the Install program starts. If it isn't then you could try downloading the zip version (see below)...

Alternative ways to download or install:

Direct run

In some cases, security settings may prevent the installation of new programs without special administration rights. For your convenience here is a version of ReportPlus that does not need installing:

  • Direct run version Download the 'direct run' version of ReportPlus
  • Now click on "Save", "Open", "Run" or "Yes" to any prompts, you may also have to "Allow" the opening of the file.
  • Note: We highly recommend you have someone with administration rights properly install the program at some point.

Zipped install file

Some school networks prevent the downloading of '.exe' (executable) files. For your convenience we also have the full install available contained withing a Zip file:

Network installation

There are two main ways to install on a network, either on a shared drive (Alternative Network Install) or on every computer (MSI Install):

Alternative Network Install (Recommended for networks)

  • ReportPlus is installed in a central location, the IT support staff usually then copy a ReportPlus icon to each users Desktop to start the program.
  • Alternative Network Install Instructions Download Alternative Network Install Instructions
  • The Alternative Network Install includes additional functionality for Preview mode and for copying settings to other users.

MSI file

Some school IT support staff prefer to use a MSI file to install ReportPlus to multiple computers simultaneously:

Memory stick

When you install you can choose to install to any standard memory stick. This will install the program to your memory stick (in the 'Applications' folder) rather than on your computer. Your ReportPlus files will be stored in your memory sticks's 'Documents' folder.

You can start writing reports from any Windows computer after inserting your memory stick and then by clicking the 'Start ReportPlus' icon (on your memory stick)!

Click here for more information about memory sticks.

Want the U3 Smart Stick version?

Click here for information about U3 and a special U3 installer..


If you have a Dropbox account, good news - ReportPlus is compatible with Dropbox!

When you install you can choose to install to Dropbox. This will install the program to your Dropbox (in the 'Applications' folder). Your ReportPlus files will be stored in your Dropbox's 'Documents' folder.

You can start writing reports from any Windows computer you have your Dropbox installed on just by clicking the 'Start ReportPlus' icon within your Dropbox - you only have to install ReportPlus on one of them and it available on all of them!

If you don't have Dropbox, don't worry, you don't need it to use ReportPlus.

See for to download or for more information.

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Still having problems downloading from our website?

Existing users: Your administrator should have a current disc copy, please use this to install.

If you are still having problems downloading, please contact us by email, fax (0115 727 0770) or by phone (0115 727 0808) and we will arrange for a free CD-ROM to be sent out.