There are many advantages to using ReportPlus, particularly when compared to writing reports in a word document template.

Advantages for teachers

  • ReportPlus has been developed as an intuitive program which is very easy to set up and use and teachers require minimal training (we have short training video to talk them through the program).
  • Teachers can spend their limited time on composition and report detail.
  • They can work anywhere (but do not require a permanent internet connection).
  • They can write in free text and add their own personalised statements.

Advantages for administrators

  • The report layout can be customised to meet the individual reporting needs of different schools (we are happy to help with this).
  • Pupil/Teacher data can be imported directly from SIMS (or similar).
  • All data can remain safe on the school server.
  • There is telephone and email support at hand throughout the year.

Advantages for headteachers

  • There is the facility to track report writing progress across the school.
  • Heads can also view reports at any time.
  • Teachers like using our program and it generally improves reporting standards.
  • There are failsafe devices to help avoid reports leave school with spelling mistakes, the wrong gender, or different pupil name in the report.
How Do I...Using Word or PublisherUsing Report Plus
Create report layouts and subjects Create a template document and add tables and titles

This format cannot be changed easily once reports have been started

There are a limited range of styles

It is also time consuming to set up and administer
There are several template reports within the program to use as a basis for your report design

We can work with you to create a report format which can include Text boxes, Option boxes and/or Tick Boxes and Attainment Levels

It is also very easy to make layout changes at any time (even after reports have been written)

Nb If you'd rather use your own completely custom template you can easily 'mail merge' your reports with a word document
Create report documents Create a Word document for each pupil and then add each pupil name Import pupil list directly from your management system (eg Sims) using our step-by-step 'Wizard Tool'

Alternatively you can quickly add pupils from a single list or by entering their names one per line
Training Need to be familiar with word processing and file manipulation Training can be completed in one short session

There are also training tutorials for beginner and advanced functions
Adding saved comments Scroll through favorite comments and then select/copy comments to paste into individual reports

Nb It is very easy to make gender and name mistakes using this method

It is also easy to over use popular comments
Program includes an extensive set of modern 'Jargon Free' comments which support the National and Skills Based Curriculums. (We will add to these as requirements change)

Teachers can select from varied comments which are appropriate for each pupils achievement and they can edit these

They can also add their own comments and edit and share these with other teachers

The vast range of comments ensures each report is completely unique to each pupil.(Comments are highlighted once used)

We can supply with or without statement banks according to your school's preference
Add text to a set of pupils Cut and paste between each pupil document

This is time consuming ... and often leads to errors
Use Group Writer to create specific groups of pupils and then cut and paste freely between their reports

Any pupil names, pronouns and gender words will be automatically changed
Sharing Reports Copy to memory stick pass on to other teacher and reverse process

Nb there are often problems with faulty or miss placed sticks
Teachers work on their own set of pupils then merge these via our secure server (can also use a memory stick)

Also possible to assign more than one class teacher to a class and give other teachers access which is useful if you set certain subjects or music teachers
Move between work and home Export to a memory stick Upload to our encrypted server then download again onto home PC
Edit and check through reports Pass reports to head on a memory stick who then opens each report to make corrections before returning them Reports are issued from and returned to a central database making retrieval, checking, correcting and returning to teachers quick and simple

Head teachers can check also on report writing progress during the reporting season
Printing Copy to memory stick pass on to office for printing

Print each report separately
Automated one-click report collection and collation can also produce blank report

Finished reports can be printed for each pupil or by class
Support and Help Rely on person who created the report template Full year round 'end of the phone' support. We can make changes remotely and then upload these to you
Archiving and Security Copy each set of reports onto school server All reports can be archived each year and can be accessed at any time. (In PDF format if required)

ReportPlus is a school based system which conforms to all Local Authority security guidelines